HAGM2 Gel machine

The Hybricol HAGM2 Gel Machine

The HAGM 2 Machine is an alginate gel production machine that empowers you to manufacture your own alginate casing gels,

maintaining the same quality that you’ve come to expect from our ready-to-use gel products in buckets.

Starting in early 2024, our customers, as well as potential clients, will have the opportunity to rent the HAGM 2
Machine from us. This rental option will always be offered in conjunction with the Alginate Premixes developed
by Hybricol, which are essential alongside the machine for the production of alginate casing gels. For
comprehensive details on the terms and conditions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Our technology

You might be wondering why you should consider using our HAGM 2 Machine if you are already working with
alginate gels, or planning to work with alginate gels. The benefits of this HAGM 2 Machine are summarized in the following points:

The Key Benefits

✓ Flexibility: Customers can now flexibly produce their own gel, with the following advantages:
✓ CO2 Reduction: Reduces unnecessary water transport (gel contains +/- 90% water), resulting in a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.
✓ Cost Savings: Prevents costly refrigerated transportation.
✓ Preservation-Free: Eliminates the need for preservatives in the product.
✓ Quality Assurance: Customers can produce gels of the same quality compared to our ready-to-use Hybricol Alginate casing gels.
✓ Cost-Effective: Customers can achieve substantial cost savings by producing their own Alginate gel.
✓ On-Demand Production: Customers can produce according to their needs, eliminating the requirement for refrigerated stockpiles of Alginate gels.
✓ Batch Precision: Our Hybricol Premixes are provided in batch sizes, preventing weighing errors.
✓ Long-Term Partnership: The Hybricol Alginate gel production machine can be rented in combination with a
minimum five-year commitment to Hybricol Premixes.
✓ Customization: Customers can add their own colour or flavour in consultation with Hybricol.
✓ Environmental Impact: Producing in-house reduces the use of plastic buckets, lids, liner foils, and more, thus mitigating unnecessary environmental burden