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The preformed alginate casing on Hard tubes.


Hybricol® has developed a new casing solution based on alginate for various sausages, whether meat or plant-based. Hybricol plant based casing gels, which are suitable for Meat, poultry, fish, Vegan, vegetables, fruit sticks / sausages, are presented as “a Big revolution in sausage-making.

The solution is based on a concept where a liquid Plant based layer is applied to the sausage /stick mass and then hardened into a firm structure in a calcium bath. The result is a strong and edible casing that gives sausages a gentle bite. This casing also offers processing advantages and there are no concerns about availability.

The plant based gel system is based on a complex mix of highly reactive hydrocolloids. Synergistic effects upon exposure to a calcium chloride solution lead to the formation of a casing with good elasticity and tensile strength.

With Hybricol plant based casing gels, you get the best

Hybricol plant based casing gels are claimed to offer many advantages over conventional sausage casings. They permit a continuous manufacturing process, which results in low production costs. With the Hybricol plant based casing gels there is no wastage or rework from intestine changes. Plant based casing also enable higher hourly throughput than is possible with conventional filling technology. The highly automated production technique requires less manual intervention and so has lower personnel costs. Furthermore, unlike cellulose casings there is no peeling step. There are also savings in material costs, as Plant based casings are substantially more cost economical than natural intestine, collagen and cellulose casings..

The following calibers can be produced with our plant based casing gels
Both for hanging and lying production.

You are guaranteed success with these products:

3000005 Hybricol® Plant based casing gel bucket 20kg
3000020 Hybricol® Plant based Fresh casing gel bucket 20kg
3000029 Hybricol® Calcium chloride 94-97 prilles, Bag 20kg