The preformed alginate casing on Hard tubes

Hybricol® The leading specialist in sausage skins, is proud to present Tripatal Casing, a specially designed casing for vegan sausage products. We understand the increasing demand for meatless and vegan products that deliver an authentic taste and mouthfeel, which is why we have developed this crunchy and delicious casing.

Tripatal Casing delivers the perfect balance of firmness and juiciness, creating a vegan sausage that has an authentic bite and is ideal for fresh, grilling, cooking, smoking, and fermentation products. It‘s also perfect for barbecuing or cooking in a pan. Our focus on high-quality, plant-based raw materials ensures that we can satisfy the demand for vegan end products while guaranteeing the best possible nutritional values.

Partnering with Hybricol means that you have access to the best possible supply of Tripatal casings and Hybricol casing gels. We‘re committed to offering 100% of the best vegetable sausage components, which can be adapted as required by manufacturers without compromising on taste or bite. At Hybricol, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the highest quality vegan casings, so you can trust us to help you meet the increasing demand for vegan products.

The TRIPATAL Casing is conveniently packaged on hard tubes, with each tube containing a generous 15 meters of casing material. You can choose from the following standard calibers: 15/19,19/23, 23/26, 28/32.

Furthermore, we are pleased to offer custom sizes tailored to your specific requirements. Don’t hesitate to reach out and explore the possibilities of our customization services.

USP of our casing.

  • 100% Plant based
  • Taste neutral
  • Edible casing on hard tubes.
  • Excellent and easy to stuff, lower cost in compare to competition products.
  • Transparent and tasteless casing.
  • For fresh,cooked,smoked,and fermented applications.
  • For hanging, laying, twisting and clipping applications.
  • For: Meat, Poultry, Fish, Vegan, Vegetables, Fruit, Potato applications.
  • New product ranges with edible casings.
  • Constant quality.
  • Better and sustainable process.

Enviroment friendly

  • Environmentally friendly production process.
  • Constant quality.
  • Better and sustainable process.